Jung’s Last Years

While Freud was going on this way, I had a curious sensation.

It was as if my diaphragm were made of iron and were becoming red-hot-a glowing vault.

At that moment there was such a loud report in the bookcase, which stood right next to us, that we both started up in alarm, fearing the thing was about to topple over on us.

I said to Freud: “There, that is an example of a so-called catalytic exteriorization phenomenon.”

“Oh come,” he exclaimed. “That is sheer bosh.”

“It is not,” I replied. “You are mistaken, Herr Professor.

And to prove my point I now predict that in a moment there will be another such loud report!”

Sure enough, no sooner had I said the words than the same detonation went off in the bookcase.

To this day I do not know what gave me this certainty.

But I knew beyond all doubt that the report would come again. Freud only stared aghast at me. ~Carl Jung, Jung’s Last Years, Page 36.