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Commemoration of the Death of C.G. Jung

Commemoration of the Death of Carl Gustav Jung

June 6

Color: White
The Mass may be a Requiem, in which case the color is Black.


Remember him O Lord in Thy Kingdom, Thy servant Carl Gustav Jung, a knower of the things that are and a true healer of the souls of men. We praise and thank Thee for this light-bearer, we thank Thee for having given him the power and wisdom to descend into the underworld and to be reborn in Thee, thus being enabled to proclaim thy truth that makes men free. Grant that we, following his most noble example, may with him in length enter into Thine ineffable splendor and attain to the elixir of life, the stone of the philosophers and the supreme good. Amen.


The Lesson is taken from the writings of Carl Gustav Jung:
Our aim is to create a wider personality whose center of gravity does not necessarily coincide with the ego, but which, on the contrary, may even thwart the ego-tendencies. Like a magnet, the new center attracts to itself that which is proper to it, the ‘signs of the Father,’ namely everything that pertains to the original and unalterable character of the individual ground-plan. The same knowledge, formulated differently to suit the age they lived in, was possessed by the Gnostics.

Man’s consciousness was created to the end that it may recognize its descent from a higher unity; pay due and careful regard to this source; execute its commands intelligently and responsibly; and thereby afford the psyche as a whole the optimum degree of life and development. I am addressing myself to those many people for whom the light has gone out, the mystery has faded, and God is dead. To gain an understanding of religious matters, … that is left us today as the psychological approach.

All opposites are of God, therefore man must bend to this burden; and in so doing he finds that God in his ‘oppositeness’ has taken possession of him, incarnated himself in him. He has become a vessel filled with God and with Divine conflict.


The Gospel is taken from the Gospel of Truth of the Jung Codex:
The Gospel of Truth, the joy of those who have received from the Father of Truth the grace to know him through the power of the Logos who has come from the Pleroma, which is in the thought and mind of the Father, and who is named redeemer because he is the messenger who was destined to come for the redemption of those who knew not the Father. As we have come to manifestation in the world while we have put on the Christ and we are borne by Him until we sink down. That is our death in this life. We are drawn up to heaven as rays by the sun, with nothing to hinder us. That is the spiritual resurrection which devours the physical and fleshly resurrection.