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Your destiny is the result of the collaboration between the conscious and the unconscious.

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Letters Volume I


Dear Mrs. N., 20 May 1940

This is just the kind of experience you needed.

You trust your unconscious as if it were a loving father. But it is nature and cannot be made use of as if it were a reliable human being.

It is inhuman and it needs the human mind to function usefully for man’s purposes.

Nature is an incomparable guide if you know how to follow her.

She is like the needle of the compass pointing to the North, which is most useful when you have a good man-made ship and when you know how to navigate.

That’s about the position.

If you follow the river, you surely come to the sea finally. But if you take it literally you soon get stuck in an impassable gorge and you complain of being misguided.

The unconscious is useless without the human mind.

It always seeks its collective purposes and never your individual destiny.

Your destiny is the result of the collaboration between the conscious and the unconscious.

I am actually in the mountains with my family and all the little grandchildren avoiding the dangers of Zurich.

We all hope and pray for a British victory over the Antichrist. ~Carl Jung, Letters Volume 1, Page 283.

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