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Carl Jung: Try to touch things that remind you of your·reality.

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Letters Volume I


Dear Mrs. N., 22 May 1939

Regression into childhood is a very typical effect of a brain hemorrhage.

I can imagine that these impressions have a strong effect upon you.

The presence of a person dying (and under such conditions) has a definite effect upon one’s unconscious.

Such an influence makes the world unreal and strengthens the unconscious so that it often forms a vortex in which one is sucked under.

Be careful that this does not happen to you!

Try to touch things that remind you of your·reality.

I also hope that my letter will be a cool draught from another world.

I think you always have the chance to run into stormy weather at sea.

With me the sea usually tries its best to imitate a mill-pond.

Mrs. X.’s great scheme of a world symbol collection is certainly a great adventure.

I confess my imagination cannot even grasp the scope of it, but we have heard of mountains in labour which eventually brought forth a mouse.

Thus we won’t disturb her.

The idea itself is quite useful, but such a thing, if efficiently done, should be based on the collaboration of at least one hundred scholars.

The Jewish race problem is really a crucial question, so crucial that I wouldn’t know how to tackle it.

It has so many aspects and every one of them leads to any amount of misunderstandings.

If we were living in a calm world where a reasonable discussion would be possible and where people would be sure that they were always dealing with gentlemen, one could risk a discussion, but the general atmosphere is poisoned and overheated to such an extent that every word sounds wrong.

It is an almost hopeless beginning to say something about the race problem.

I have actually reduced my work simply because I had to do it and I expect to reduce it still more in the future.

I had something like a little collapse the other day on account of overworking.

I feel quite all right now again, but I have to be careful.

When I’m less plagued with patients my spirit grows perhaps more adventurous and then I might have some ideas again, but for the time being I have not even ideas.

Hoping you are otherwise always in good health, I remain with best wishes,

Yours cordially,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Pages 271-271

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