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It is also the smile of Mona Lisa


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1925 Seminar

If you notice Luther’s face you can find that he is not quite modern, but belonged to the time before the Reformation also.

He has still in a way the Gothic look and the Gothic mouth.

There is combined in this smile the paranoid’s idea of persecution, of martyrdom, and the sardonic smile of catatonia.

It is also the smile of Mona Lisa.

It is connected, too, with the antique smile as one sees it on the Aegina marbles, those men who are enduring death with a smile.

The Gothic smile is almost like the beginning of a kiss—full of tenderness, like a mother.

Or it is the smile of a man who meets on the street the woman with whom he has a secret liaison.

There is understanding in the smile—“We know,” it seems to say. ~Carl Jung, Seminar 1925, Page 60.