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Carl Jung: Materialistic Rationalism and the State as a Lunatic Asylum.

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[Carl Jung on Materialistic Rationalism and the State as a Lunatic Asylum.]

The problems which the integration of the unconscious sets modern doctors and psychologists can only be solved along the lines traced out by history, and the upshot will be a new assimilation of the traditional myth.

This, however, presupposes the continuity of historical development.

Naturally the present tendency to destroy all tradition or render it unconscious could interrupt the normal process of development for several hundred years and substitute an interlude of barbarism.

Wherever the Marxist Utopia prevails, this has already happened.

But a predominantly scientific and technological education, such as is the usual thing nowadays, can also bring about a spiritual regression and a considerable increase of psychic dissociation.

With hygiene and prosperity alone a man is still far from health, otherwise the most enlightened and most comfortably off among us would be the healthiest. But in regard to neuroses that is not the case at all, quite the contrary.

Loss of roots and lack of tradition neuroticize the masses and prepare them for collective hysteria.

Collective hysteria calls for collective therapy, which consists in abolition of liberty and terrorization.

Where rationalistic materialism holds sway, states tend to develop less into prisons than into lunatic asylums. ~Carl Jung, Aion, Paragraph 282.