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Marie Louise Von Franz on the Fairy Tale


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Interpretaton of Fairy Tales

The fairy tale itself is its own best explanation; that is, its meaning is contained in the totality of its motifs connected by the thread of the story.

The unconscious is, metaphorically speaking, in the same position as one who has had an original vision or experience and wishes to share it.

Since it is an event that has never been conceptually formulated he is at a loss for means of expression.

When a person is in that position he makes several attempts to convey the thing and tries to evoke, by intuitive appeal and analogy to familiar material, some response in his listeners; and never tires of expounding his vision until he feels they have some sense of the content.

In the same way we can put forward the hypothesis that every fairy tale is a relatively closed system compounding one essential psychological meaning which is expressed m a series of symbolical pictures and events and is discoverable in these. ~Marie Louise Von Franz, Interpretation of Fairy Tales, Page 1.


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Fairy tales

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