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Symbolic Life

“In the likeness of God, the unconscious has two aspects: one is good, and good, the other is bad, evil and nefarious. The unconscious is the immediate source of our religious experiences. The psychic nature of all experience does not mean that the transcendental realities are psychic also. Physics does not consider that the transcendental reality, represented by its psychological model, is also psychic. She calls this matter; Similarly the psychology does not assign your own psychic nature to your images or archetypes. It is called “psicóides” and is convinced that represent transcendental realities. She meets including the “simple faith” as a sort of inevitable conviction. We can look for it everywhere, but she only comes to meet us when it wants, because it is a gift of the Holy Spirit. There is only one divine spirit: an immediate presence, often terrifying and in no way subject to our will. […] An experiment of this type is always numinosa because it unites all aspects of all. ”
Carl Gustav Jung-Symbolic Life