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We must read the Bible or we shall not understand psychology.

Our psychology, whole lives, our language and imagery are built upon the Bible. ~Carl Jung, The Visions Seminar Vol. 1; Page 156.

The psychological situation from which we started is tantamount to “Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here” (Luke 24 : 5f.).
But where shall we find the risen Christ?

I do not expect any believing Christian to pursue these thoughts of mine any further, for they will probably seem to him absurd. I am not, however, addressing myself to the happy possessors of faith, but to those many people for whom the light has gone out, the mystery has faded, and God is dead.

For most of them there is no going back, and one does not know either whether going back is always the better way.

To gain an understanding of religious matters, probably all that is left us today is the psychological approach.

That is why I take these thought forms that have become historically fixed, try to melt them down again and pour them into molds of immediate experience.

It is certainly a difficult undertaking to discover connecting links between dogma and immediate experience of psychological archetypes, but a study of the natural symbols of the unconscious gives us the necessary raw material. ~Carl Jung; Psychology and Religion, Page 89. Paras 147-148.

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