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Carl Jung The real secret of the Gnostics.


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[Carl Jung on the real secret of the Gnostics.]

Now for the Gnostics and this is their real secret the psyche existed as a source of knowledge just as much as it did for the alchemists.

Aside from the psychology of the unconscious, contemporary science and philosophy know only of what is outside, while faith knows only of the inside, and then only in the Christian form imparted to it by the passage of the centuries, beginning with St. Paul and the gospel of St. John.
Faith, quite as much as science with its traditional objectivity, is absolute, which is why faith and knowledge can no more agree than Christians can with one another. ~ Carl Jung, Aion, Psychology of Christian Alchemical Symbolism, Paragraph 269.

Image: Irenaeus, who first used “gnostic” to describe heresies.