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Carl Jung: It is damp in as far as it is soul

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ETH Lectures

Therefore we have the wonderful description: “damp, fiery, cold spirit”.

It is damp in as far as it is soul; the soul in the ancient sense of the word, was exquisitely moist, a damp, cool breath.

It is fiery as the highest spirit in its perfect flowering; and when the soul is in its highest condition, it is hot and dry, as Heraclitus said. But this spirit is also cold, it belongs in the cool darkness as well, in the darkness of the abyss.

It is a spiritual being, which unites all opposites and encompasses the whole cosmos in its height and depth, including the moral opposites. ~Carl Jung, ETH Lecture 29 Nov.1940 , Pages 39-40

Note: in the quotations[s] cited above Dr. Jung is citing the KARL PREISENDANZ Papyri Graecae Magicae. 1928. Bd. I .
p. 111. P. IV.. 1115-1167 by Karl Preisedanz