Red Book

The RED BOOK, “the devil is the sum of the darkness of human nature. One who lives in light strives to be the image of God; one who lives in the darkness strives to be the image of the devil. Because I want to live in the light, the Sun disappeared for me when I touched the depths. It was dark and it looked like a snake.

Joined with it and not the subjugated. Took me the part of the humiliation and subjugation, and so entered the nature of snake. If I had not become with the serpent, the devil, the quintessence of all that is ‘ serpenticice ‘, would have kept this power over me. This would have given the devil my wrist and it would have forced me to make a pact with him, the same way he shrewdly deceived Faust. But I anticipate him United me with the snake, as well as a man joins a woman.

So, I took the Devil’s influence, which can only pass through the ‘serpent’ of ourselves, and that we often concern the devil Mephistopheles himself rather than be Satan, taken with my ‘ serpent’. Satan is the very quintessence of evil, naked and so no seduction, no not even cunning, but pure negation without convincing force. So I resist its destructive influence, I grabbed it and held it firmly. His descendants have served me and I sacrificed with the sword.

And so built a firm structure. Through it I got stability and longevity and could withstand the fluctuations. And then the immortal in me is saved. Attracting the darkness of my other world into the day, emptied my other world. The requirements of the dead disappeared, so they were being met.

I’m no longer threatened by the dead, since I accepted their demands and thus accepted the serpent. But because of this also I put something from the dead in my day. But it was necessary, since death is the most enduring of all, what can never be cancelled. The death gives me durability and solidity. All the time I wanted to satisfy my own desires, only I was personally and therefore lived in the sense of the world. But when I recognized the demands of the dead on me and the contented, I gave my personal efforts and the world had to accept me as a dead man. A huge cold comes to those who are in excess of your personal efforts recognized the demands of the dead and seek to satisfy them.

While it feels as if a mysterious poison had paralyzed the life quality of their personal relationships, the voices of the dead remain silent in his another world; the threat, fear, and anxiety are to expire. Everything that previously appeared hungry in it no longer lived in it in his day. your life is wonderful and rich, since he is himself. But the one that always just wants the grace of others is ugly, because it mutilates himself. A murderer is one who wants to force others to bliss, since it kills its own growth. A fool is one who burns down her love for love’s sake. This is personal to the other. His other world is gray and impersonal. He forces on the other, and so is cursed forcing himself about himself in a cold nothing. One who recognized the demands of the dead have banned their ugliness. He doesn’t necessarily imposes on anyone, and lives alone in beauty and speaks with the dead. But there comes a day when the demands of the dead are also met.

If so persevere in solitude, beauty goes off into another world and the lost land appears in this side. A black stage appears after white, and Paradise and Hell are forever there. ” Carl  Jung, The Red Book, Pages 322-323.