Red Book

Please consider that it is the suffering of the creative that they carry something evil in them, a leprosy of the soul that separates them from its danger.

They could praise their leprosy as a virtue and could indeed do so out of virtuousness.

But this would be doing what Christ does, and would therefore be his imitation. For only one was Christ and only one could violate the laws as he did.

It is impossible to commit higher infringements on his path. Fulfill that which comes to you.

Break the Christ in yourself so that you may arrive at yourself and ultimately at your animal which is well-behaved in its herd and unwilling to infringe its laws.

May it suffice in terms of transgression that you do not imitate Christ, since thereby you take a step back from Christianity and a step beyond it. Christ brought salvation through adeptness, and ineptitude will save you. ~Carl Jung; Red Book