Letters Volume I

To M. Esther Harding

Dear Dr. Harding, 28 September 1939

Thank you for your kind letter.

I have put you down on my list for next May and I hope I shall be able to keep the appointment, which is a difficult thing to say in the present circumstances.

There is not the ghost of a plan for my going to America during the war.

Even if it were reasonable to go I wouldn’t do it, because just as you realize your connection, even your identity, with your people in England, so we would feel entirely uprooted without our country.

My son and three sons-in-law are with the army and one son-in-law is in Paris and his wife and children are with us in Kusnacht.

I haven’t been called upon yet to join one of the many useful organizations, but I’m living provisionally, expecting all sorts of possibilities.

We naturally hope not to be implicated in the war, but there is only one conviction in Switzerland, that if it has to be, it will be on the side of the Allies.

There is no doubt and no hesitation; the unanimous conviction in Switzerland is that Germany has lost her national honour to an unspeakable degree, and the Germans inasmuch as they still think know it too.

I shouldn’t wonder if the most curious things happened in Germany.

The situation is completely opaque because of the inhuman terror the whole population is kept under by.

Hoping you are always in good health,

I remain,

Yours cordially,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Page 276

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