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Letters Volume II

Prof. J. B. Rhine July 26, 1954
Parapsychological Laboratory
College Station
Durham, N. C.

Dear Professor Rhine,

Thank you for your kind letter!

Synchronicity is indeed a difficult and involved problem.

The translation of my book into English is finished and the printing must be on the way, so that you will have a chance to read it rather soon.

I must warn you though that in spite of all sorts of alterations I have made, it is still a difficult book that appeals chiefly to the thinking function as it consists in its main substance of the description of a point of view rather unfamiliar to our epoch.

Certain main points of my book have not been understood at all, but that is what I have always seen with my books: I just have to wait for about 10 or 20 years until certain readers appear understanding what my thought is.

That sounds most arrogant, and everybody is free to think that I am writing a particularly unclear and obscure style.

The writer himself has to suspend his own judgment.

As far as I can see, my book has not had any noticeable effect yet, with the exception of Prof. Bender’s experiments.

I have seen him recently, and he told me that he pursues his experiments with success.

My best wishes to you; I always remember our rather noisy lunch at the Ambassador’s. ~Carl Jung, Rhine-Jung Letters, Page 5