Jung-Neumann Letters

I am not quarrelsome but combative by nature and I cannot conceal from you my secret pleasure. ~Carl Jung to Erich Neumann, Letters Vol. 1, Page 72J.

Since your admirable capacity for work has always remained loyal to you, despite your grumbles to the contrary, may it continue so to your and our pleasure and gratitude. ~Erich Neumann to Carl Jung Correspondence, 20Dec1957.

He [A patient being referred] is desperate for therapy, and needs it too—as he basically consists of an intellectual halo wandering lonely and footless through the world. ~Carl Jung to Erich Neumann, 11Sept1933.

That Buber has a bad conscience arises from the fact that he only publishes his letters, but does not grant me a fair representation because I am just a Gnostic and at the same time he has no idea about what motivated the Gnostic. ~Jung to Neumann Correspondence, 30 Jan 1954.

Certainly the Jews have lived much longer in other countries but without the contact to the soil that was not accessible to them due to their being rooted in the Torah. ~Erich Neumann, Jung Correspondence 30 Jan 1936

My wife would urgently like to work with Miss Wolff and I consider this also to be crucially important, after that it must be decided whether she will work more in this direction. ~Erich Neumann, Jung Correspondence 30 Jan 1936