Psychology and Religion

[Dr. Jung considered the Mass of the Church to be the equivalent of a “Rite of Individuation.” In the passage below from “Psychology and Religion” I have capitalized the words in the text that Dr. Jung emphasized by placing them in italics]:

Looked at from the psychological standpoint, Christ, as the Original Man (Son of Man, second Adam, represents a totality which surpasses and includes the ordinary man, and which corresponds to the total personality that transcends consciousness.

We have called this personality the “self.” Just as, on the more archaic level of the Zosimos vision, the homunculus is transformed into pneuma and exalted, so the mystery of the Eucharist transforms the soul of the empirical man, who is only a part of himself, into his totality, symbolically expressed by Christ.

In this sense, therefore, we can speak of the Mass as the RITE OF THE INDIVIDUATION PROCESS ~Carl Jung, Psychology and Religion, Paragraph 414