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[“Matter” comes from the root word “Mater” or “Mother” and is ultimately the “Great Mother” which gives form to all of Creation and consequently has historically been legitimately worthy of the highest respect and veneration.

Sadly over recent centuries the role of “Matriarchy” has in many circles been an object of denigration.

One can only hope that at the Dawn of the 21st Century that the utterly majestic role of The Feminine will be more widely understood and embraced. It is a tragedy that even at the dawn of the 21st Century “Matter” is rejected and considered to be “Evil” as in so doing harmony with the soul and the attainment of “Gnosis-Individuation” shall not be attained.] Psyche cannot be totally different from matter, for how otherwise could it move matter?

And matter cannot be alien to psyche, for how else could matter produce psyche? Psyche and matter exist in one and the same world, and each partakes of the other, otherwise any reciprocal action would be impossible. If research could only advance far enough, therefore, we should arrive at an ultimate agreement between physical and psychological concepts. Carl Jung; Aion; Page 261.