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The devil and his special reality today
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Civilization in Transation

[A question was asked about the devil and his special reality today, since every epoch has its own peculiar devil.]

The devil nowadays is something quite frightful! If you look at our situation you just cannot see where it will end. Things will go on like this as if by force. All the divine powers in creation are gradually being placed in man’s hands.

Through nuclear fission something tremendous has happened, tremendous power has been given to man. When Oppenheimer saw the first test of an atomic bomb the words of the Bhagavad Gita flashed into his mind: “Brighter than a thousand suns.”

The forces that hold the fabric of the world together have got into the hands of man, so that he even has the idea of making an artificial sun. God’s powers have passed into our hands, our fallible human hands. The consequences are inconceivable. The powers themselves are not evil, but in the hands of man they are an appalling danger-in evil hands.

Who says that evil in the world we live in, that is right in front of us, is not real! Evil is terribly real, for each and every individual. If you regard the principle of evil as a reality you can just as well call it the devil. I personally find it hard to believe that the idea of the “privation boni” will holds water. ~Carl Jung, Civilization in Transition, Good and Evil in Analytical Psychology, Page 465, Paragraph 879.