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My anima constantly repeats the saying: Magna est vis veritatis et praevalebit [The power of truth is great and will prevail].

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Letters Volume I

To Gustav Senn

Dear friend, 13 October 1941

Best thanks for your kind letter.

I was naturally very pleased that you have made a serious effort to plough through the jungle of my problematical little book.

I have. grappled with your book, too, and am very impressed by the methodology of your Theophrastus, who could indeed be a modern scientific mind in more than one respect.

I could not help marveling at your philological exactitude.

I have plumb forgotten my Greek as I have to read mainly Latin texts, Greek ones being something of a rarity in alchemy.

Kant’s categorical imperative is of course a philosophical touching up of a psychic fact which, as you have quite correctly seen, is unquestionably a manifestation of the anima.

A complete elucidation of this phenomenon in Kant would be possible only if we had sufficiently authentic material on his relation to his mother.

This also hangs together with the fact that he never married.

I have always avoided scientific polemics because they are usually fruitless, as I have seen from many examples in my immediate vicinity.

My anima constantly repeats the saying: Magna est vis veritatis et praevalebit [The power of truth is great and will prevail].

With that I have come through pretty well, all things considered.

Not that there weren’t occasions when I would have been delighted to settle some special blockhead’s hash in the time-honoured fashion.

I had hoped to meet you in Einsiedeln and was very sorry not to see you.

It was an unusually fine and lively affair and the monastery did its very best.

Hoping it won’t be another 40 years before we see each other again, and with best regards,


Carl ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Pages 305-306

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