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If no outer adventure happens to you, then no inner adventure happens to you either.


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The Red Book

If no outer adventure happens to you, then no inner adventure happens to you either. The part that you take over from the devil-joy; that is-leads you into adventure.

In this way you will find your lower as well as your upper limits. It is necessary for you to know your limits.

If you do not know them, you run into the artificial barriers of your imagination and the expectations of your fellow men.

But your life will not take kindly to being hemmed in by artificial barriers.

Life wants to jump over such barriers and you will fallout with yourself.

These barriers are not your real limits, but arbitrary limitations that do unnecessary violence to you. Therefore try to find your real limits.

One never knows them in advance, but one sees and understands them only when one reaches them. And this happens to you only if you have balance.

Without balance you transgress your limits without noticing what has happened to you. You achieve balance, however, only if you nurture your opposite.

But that is hateful to you in your innermost core, because it is not heroic. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 263.

If you take a piece of joy from the devil and set off on adventures with it, you accept your pleasure.

But pleasure immediately attracts everything you desire, and then you must decide whether your pleasure spoils or enhances you.

If you are of the devil, you will grope in blind desire after the manifold, and it will lead you astray.

But if you remain with yourself as a man who is himself and not of the devil, then you will remember your humanity.

You will not behave toward women per se as a man, but as a human being, that is to say; as if you were of the same sex as her. You will recall your femininity.

It may seem to you then as if you were unmanly; stupid, and feminine so to speak.

But you must accept the ridiculous, otherwise you will suffer distress, and there will come a time, when you are least observant, when it will suddenly round on you and make you ridiculous.

It is bitter for the most masculine man to accept his femininity; since it appears ridiculous to him, powerless and tawdry. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 263.