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Hitschmann’s book meets a longfelt need.

A book that introduces the beginner to the problems of psychoanalysis in a clear and simple way has long been wanted.

Hitschmann has fulfilled this task most satisfactorily.

It cannot have been easy to present the manifold discoveries and conclusions of psychoanalysis in systematic order, for, contrary to the prejudices of our opponents, it is not at all a question of a preconceived system that puts no difficulties in the way of further theoretical development, but of extraordinarily complicated material that throws into relief the whole laboriousness of patient empirical research (only, of course, if one works in this field oneself.)

The content of the book is very diverse but in no way confusing.

The author has confined himself to essentials and, where the problems are still fluid, has been satisfied with hints.

He has thus succeeded in painting an excellent picture of the present state of psychoanalysis and its far-reaching problems.

It is to be hoped that the book will reach the widest possible public, not least because it will dispel numerous prejudices and false opinions which have arisen among medical men through inadequate knowledge of the literature.

We must also hope that it will soon be translated into foreign languages, for which purpose it is better suited than many original researches which are so specialized that they are difficult to understand. ~Carl Jung, CW 18, Page 422