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 Man, you have even forgotten that you too are an animal.

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The Red Book

No one rises above himself who has not turned his most dangerous weapon against himself.

One who wants to rise above himself shall climb down and hoist himself onto himself and lug himself to the place of sacrifice.

But what must happen to a man until he realizes that outer visible success, that he can grasp with his hands, leads him astray.

What suffering must be brought upon humanity; until man gives up satisfying his longing for power over his fellow man and forever wanting others to be the same.

How much blood must go on flowing until man opens his eyes and sees the way to his own path and himself as the enemy; and becomes aware of his real success.

You ought to be able to live with yourself but not at your neighbor’s expense.

The herd animal is not his brother’s parasite and pest.

Man, you have even forgotten that you too are an animal.

And thus you compel your desire to take your own way.

You may ask others provided that you need help and advice.

But you should make demands on no one, neither desiring nor expecting anything from anyone except from yourself

for your craving satisfies itself only within you.

You are afraid of burning in your own fire.

May nothing prevent you from doing so, neither anyone else’s sympathy nor your more dangerous sympathy with yourself.

Since you should live and die with yourself. Carl Jung, Red Book, The Way of the Cross, Paragraph 5.