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Barbara Hannah in July 1933 in Berlin with Carl, Emma, Toni, Heinrich Zimmer.

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Barbara Hannah in July 1933 at a conference in Berlin attended by Jung, Emma, Toni, Heinrich Zimmer and Barbara Hannah.

It led to Jung, on his return, asking Swiss high schoolers to come to Kusnacht to observe them and compare them to the manic Germans.

One was the 18 year old Marie Louise Von Franz : “One morning—it was about the middle of the week—Jung stopped me on the stairs and said: “Take care, you are getting dangerously out of yourself.”

I knew he was right but had no idea why, until he added: “These people are all in a panic, they are scared stiff and have no idea where all this is leading.

I am afraid nothing can save them and that they are heading for inevitable disaster, but at least we will earn the merit of trying to help them as long as we can.”

That was enough to save my situation, for I realized at once that, since I had not seen their panic, I had become infected, via the unconscious.

The next day, seeing that I was once more in myself, Jung had a long talk about the whole thing with an English friend and me.

To anyone who, like myself, was with Jung in Berlin in July, 1933, and who saw and heard him frequently during the next twenty-eight years, the libel that Jung was a Nazi is so absurd and so entirely without foundation that it goes against the grain to take it seriously enough to contradict it.

Moreover, for the most part it is believed only by the people who want to believe it, and it is always useless to waste energy on them.

I learned this in 1914 and I have never forgotten the lesson.”