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The Way of the Cross


The Red Book

He who goes to himself climbs down.

Pathetic and ridiculous forms appeared to the greatest prophet who came before this 􀢢me, and these were the forms of his own essence.

He did not accept them, but exorcised them before others.

Ultimately; however, he was forced to celebrate a Last Supper with his own poverty and to accept these forms of his own essence out of compassion, which is precisely that acceptance of the lowest in us.

But this enraged the mighty lion, who chased down the lost and restored it to the darkness of the depths.

And like all those with power, the one with the great name wanted to erupt from the womb of the mountain like the But what happened to him?

His way led him before the crucified and he began to rage.

He raged against the man of mockery and pain because the power of his own essence forced him to follow precisely this way as Christ had done before us.

Yet he loudly proclaimed his power and greatness.

No one speaks louder of his power and greatness than he from whom the earth disappears under his feet.

Ultimately the lowest in him got to him, his incapacity; and this crucified his spirit, so that, as he himself had predicted,

his soul died before his body. Carl Jung, The Red Book, The Way of the Cross, Paragraph 3.