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Carl Jung: Yet I think of myself as a Christian

Letters Volume II

To Hugh Burnet

Dear Mr. Burnett, 5 December 1959

So many letters I have received have emphasized my statement about “knowing” (God) that I have written an answer to a man whose letter was particularly articulate in this respect,!

(You will find a copy enclosed.)

I explained what my opinion is about a “knowledge of God.”

I know it is an unconventional way of thinking and I quite understand if it should suggest that I am no Christian.

Yet I think of myself as a Christian, since I am entirely based upon Christian concepts.

I only try to escape their internal contradictions by introducing a more modest attitude which takes into consideration the immense darkness of the human mind.

The Christian idea proves its vitality by a continuous evolution, just like Buddhism.

Our time certainly demands some new thoughts in this respect, as we cannot continue to think in an antique or medieval way when we enter the sphere of religious experience.

Thank you very much for the nice photos.

It is good for one’s self-education to see some undeniable evidence for the stupidity of facial expression.

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 580-581