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Carl Jung: The Beauty of the Ugly

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The Red Book

The myth commences, the one that need only be lived, not sung, the one that sings itself I subject myself to the son, the one engendered by sorcery, the unnaturally born, the son of the frogs, who stands at the waterside and speaks with his fathers and listens to their nocturnal singing. Truly he is full of mysteries and superior in strength to all men.

No man has produced him, and no woman has given birth to him. The absurd has entered the age-old mother, and the son has grown in the deepest ground. He sprang up and was put to death.

He rose again, was produced anew in the way of sorcery; and grew more swiftly than before. I gave him the crown that unites the separated.

And so he unites the separated for me. I gave him the power and thus he commands, since he is superior in strength and cleverness to all others.

I did not give way to him willingly, but out of insight. No man binds Above and Below together.

But he who did not grow like a man, and yet has the form of a man, is capable of binding them.

My power is paralyzed, but I survive in my son. I set aside my concern that he may master the people. I am solitary; the people rejoice at him. I was powerful, now I am powerless. I was strong, now I am weak. Since then he has taken all the strength into himself.

Everything has turned itself upside down for me.

I loved the beauty of the beautiful, the spirit of those rich in spirit, the strength of the strong; I laughed at the stupidity of the stupid, I despised the weakness of the weak, the meanness of the mean, and hated the badness of the bad.

But now I must love the beauty of the ugly, the spirit of the foolish, and the strength of the weak.

I must admire the stupidity of the clever, must respect the weakness of the strong and the meanness of the generous, and honor the goodness of the bad. Where does that leave mockery; contempt, and hatred?

They went over to the son as a token of power. His mockery is bloody, and how contemptuously his eyes flash!

His hatred is a singing fire!

Enviable one, you son of the Gods, how can one fail to obey you?

He broke me in two, he cut

me up. He yokes the separated. Without him I would fall apart, but my life went on with him.

My love remained with Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 329.

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