Mysterium Coniunctionis

“As Above, So Below.” = “Mind Above, Thought Below.”

There are two offshoots from all the Aeons, having neither beginning nor end, from one root, and this root is a certain Power, an invisible and incomprehensible Silence.

One of them appears on high and is a great power the mind of the whole, who rules all things and is a male; the other below is a great thought, a female giving birth to all things.

Standing opposite one another, they pair together and cause to arise in the space between them an incomprehensible Air, without beginning or end; but in it is a Father who upholds all things and nourishes that which has beginning and end.

This is he who stood, stands, and shall stand, a masculo-feminine Power after the likeness of the pre-existing boundless Power which has neither beginning nor end, abiding in solitude. ~Carl Jung; Mysterium Coniunctionis; Page 136. [From Elenchos, VI, 19.2.]