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Carl  Jung hypnotizes his mother


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Conversations with Jung

Another instance of the same thing was C.G.’s mother.

She remarked to him that hypnosis was a lot of nonsense and he replied, ‘Oh no, I’ll show you.’

He told her to hold up her arm, and then said, ‘Now you can’t put it down.’

She said, ‘Oh yes I can.’ ‘Well, put it down then,’ said C.G.

‘No,’ shevanswered, ‘I’m not hypnotised but I don’t want to put it down.’

Mrs. Jung and C.G.’s sister were there and they laughed.

Then he lifted his mother’s leg and held it horizontally, and there she sat with her arm up and her leg
stuck out.

She couldn’t move until he told her to do so, and yet she insisted that she was not hypnotised.

~E.A. Bennet, Conversations with Jung, Pages 97-98