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Carl Jung Rage in the Red Book

000 Rage Red Book

The Red Book

Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments like him that treadeth it). the winefat?

I have trodden the wine-press alone and no one is with me. I have trodden myself down in my anger, and trampled upon myself in my fury. Hence my blood has spattered my clothes, and I have stained my robe.

For I have afforded myself a day of vengeance, and the year to redeem myself has come. And I looked around, and there was none to help; and I wondered that there was no one who stood by me: therefore my own arm must save me, and my fury upheld me.

And I trod myself down in my rage, and made myself drunk in my fury, and spilt my blood on the earth.

For I took my misdeed upon myself so that the God would be healed.

Just as Christ said that he did not come to make peace but brought the sword so he in whom Christ becomes complete will not give himself peace, but a sword.

He will rebel against himself and one will be turned against the other in him. He will also hate that which he loves in himself.

He will be castigated in himself mocked, and given over to the torment of crucifixion, and no one will aid him or soothe his torment.

Just as Christ was crucified between the two thieves, our lowest lies on either side of our way.

And just as one thief went to Hell and the other rose up to Heaven, the lowest in us will be sundered in two halves on the day of our

There are many graves and corpses in us, an evil stench of decomposition. Just as Christ through the torment· of sanctification subjugated the flesh, so the God of this 􀢢me through the torment of sanctification will subjugate the spirit.

Just as Christ tormented the flesh through the spirit, the God of this 􀢢me will torment the spirit through the flesh. For our spirit has become an impertinent whore, a slave to words created by men and no longer the divine word itself.

The lowest in you is the source of mercy:

We take this sickness upon ourselves, the inability to find peace, the baseness, and the contemptibility so that the God can be healed and radiantly ascend, purged of the decomposition of death and the mud of the underworld.

The despicable prisoner will ascend to his salvation shining and wholly healed.

Is there a suffering that would be too great to want to undergo for our God? You only see the one, and do not notice the other.

But when there is one, so there is also another and that is the lowest in you.

But the lowest in you is also the eye of the evil that stares at you and looks at you coldly and sucks your light down into the dark abyss. Bless the hand that keeps you up there, the smallest humanity; the lowest living thing.

Quite a few would prefer death.

Since Christ imposed bloody sacrifice on humanity; the renewed God will also not spare bloodshed. Carl Jung, Red Book, Pages 299-300