If people would only take the trouble to turn up the actual writings of the ancient alchemists, they would find a deep treasure-trove of wisdom, much of which is perfectly applicable to the very events which are happening in the world today. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 444

After all, what can possibly be more important than the study of how men’s minds work, and have worked in the past? ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 444

We want simplicity. We are suffering, in our cities, from a need of simple things. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 49.

Alchemy represents the projection of a drama both cosmic and spiritual in laboratory terms. The opus magnum [the great work] had two aims: the rescue of the human soul and the salvation of the cosmos. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 228

It is for this reason that the alchemists believed in the truth of “matter,” because “matter” was actually their own psychic life. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 228

For the collective unconscious which sends you these dreams already possesses the solution: nothing has been lost from the whole immemorial experience of humanity, every imaginable situation and every solution seem to have been foreseen by the collective unconscious. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 231.

We must do what Christ did. We must make mistakes. We must live out our own vision of life. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 98

If you avoid error you do not live; in a sense even it may be said that every life is a mistake, for no one has found the truth. When we live like this we know Christ as a brother, and God indeed becomes man. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 98

One comes to see that life is great and beautiful, that nonsense and stupidity do not always triumph. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 145.

Nature can help you only if you manage to get time for yourself. You need to be able to relax in the garden, completely at peace, or to walk. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 166

After all, if you should still get stuck, there is always the enantiodromia from the unconscious, which opens new avenues when conscious will and vision are failing. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Pages 158-159.

Life behaves as if it were going on, and so I think it is better for an old person to live on, to look forward to the next day, as if he had to spend centuries, and then he lives properly. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 438

What is important and meaningful to my life is that I shall live as fully as possible to fulfill the divine will within me. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page 75.

Purusha is evidently a sort of Platonic world-soul who surrounds the earth from outside: “Being born he overtopped the world before, behind, and in all places” ( Rig-Veda ) ~Carl Jung, CW5, ¶ 649

As the all-encompassing world-soul Purusha has a maternal character, for he represents the original “dawn state” of the psyche: he is the encompasser and the encompassed, mother and unborn child, an undifferentiated, unconscious state of primal being ~Carl Jung, CW5, ¶ 650

As such a condition must be terminated, and as it is at the same time an object of regressive longing, it must be sacrificed in order that discriminated entities i.e., conscious contents may come into being. Carl Jung, CW5, ¶ 650

The foregoing passage is very remarkable. If one attempted to put this mythologem on the Procrustean bed of logic sore violence would be done to it. How on earth ordinary “sages” come to be sacrificing the primal being side by side with the gods is an utterly fantastic conception, quite apart from the fact that in the beginning (i.e., before the sacrifice) nothing existed except the primal being! ~Carl Jung, CW5, ¶ 651

It is evident that by this is meant not a physical, but a psychological cosmogony. The world comes into being when man discovers it. But he only discovers it when he sacrifices his containment in the primal mother, the original state of unconsciousness Carl Jung, CW5, ¶ 652

The scintillae radiate or gleam as white sparks from the world-soul which is identical with the spirit of God Carl Jung, CW8, ¶ 388

They [scintillae] were the seeds of light broadcast in the chaos, or “the seed plot of a world to come” ~Carl Jung, CW8, ¶ 388

They are germinal luminosities shining forth from the darkness of the unconscious ~Carl Jung, CW8, ¶ 389

In other words, we have to distinguish between the logical idea of the Trinity and its psychological reality. The latter brings us back to the very much more ancient Egyptian ideas and hence to the archetype, which provides the authentic and eternal justification for the existence of any trinitarian idea at all ~Carl Jung, CW11, ¶ 196