Kundalini Yoga Seminars

After the war a twenty-eight-year-old girl came to see me, wanting to be cured within ten hours.

She said that she had a black serpent in her belly.

She came to see me because of this serpent, for she thought that it should be awakened. Her problem was that she was not on earth.

She was only intuitive, entirely without a sense of reality.

She was living in a secret brothel without being aware of it; she did not hear her own steps and had never seen her body.

She dreamed that she was inside or on top of balloons, from which I had to shoot her down.

One day she came and said that the serpent in her belly had moved; it had turned around.

Then the serpent moved slowly upward, coming finally out of her mouth, and she saw that its head was golden.

This is the shortest Kundalini path of which I have heard.

To be sure, it was not experienced but only intuited; but already this had a curing effect for the time being.

This case is a simple example of the spontaneous appearance of the Kundalini.

I got to know about the cakras only later, but even then I did not say anything about it, so as not to disturb the process in my patients. ~Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Pages 84-85