Letters Volume II

To Roscoe Heavener

Dear Mr. Heavener, 16 May 1950

I cannot tell you exactly why and under what circumstances Adler separated from Freud.

The general reason-as I heard then-was that Freud couldn’t see Adler’s point of view.

This I can confirm: Freud indeed couldn’t see that Adler’s views were justified by facts.

I have written very often about my disagreement with Freud.

First of all he couldn’t accept my idea that psychic energy (libido) is more than sex instinct, and that the unconscious does not only wish but also overcomes its own wishes.

I couldn’t agree with Freud’s claim that the technique of psychoanalysis is identical with his sex theory.

I ,also couldn’t agree with his theory of dreams as wish-fulfillments.

Freud, I’m afraid, misunderstood theoretical doubt or criticism as a personal resistance and I couldn’t agree with him that his view was right.

Those were the main points that made a cooperation impossible and that is also the reason why I had to separate from him.

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Pages 557-558

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