Letters Volume II

To Gertrud Rohde-Heussner

Dear Frau Rohde-Heussner, 11 February 1959

Best thanks for your kind letter.

I was very interested to hear that you can make something of my way of looking at things and thinking about them.

The difference between the two kinds of thinking struck me a long time ago, and for my domestic use I have described the first kind as two-dimensional and the second kind as three-dimensional.

Its “round” form is due to the fact that the thinking always circumambulates round the essential in an endless approximation to the centre.

Paradoxically, as you rightly point out, this centre has to be created although it has always been there.

Thank you for telling me about Ringbom’s book. [Graltempel und paradies, 1951]

For several years now it has been in my wife’s library; she was engaged in a study of the Grail up to her death in 1955.

Her work has been brought to completion by one of my pupils and is to be published in the near future by Rascher in Zurich.

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 481-482