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Carl Jung: Community gives us warmth, singleness gives us light.

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The Red Book

Carl Jung on Striking a Balance between ”Community” and ”Singleness”

”Man is weak, and community is therefore indispensable. If your community is not under the sign of the mother, it is under the sign of the Phallos. Absence of community is suffering and sickness. Community in everything is dismemberment and dissolution.

Differentiation leads to singleness. Singleness is opposed to community.

But because of man’s weakness with regard to the Gods and daimons and their invincible law, community is necessary, not for man’s solace, but because of the Gods.

The Gods drive you to community. Insofar as the Gods impose community upon you, it is necessary; more is bad.

In the community every man shall submit to others, so that the community be maintained, for you need it.

In singleness every man shall place himself above the other, so that every man may come to himself and avoid slavery.”

Abstention shall hold good in community, extravagance in singleness.

Community is depth, singleness is height.

Right measure in community purifies and preserves.

Right measure in singleness purifies and increases.

Community gives us warmth, singleness gives us light.” Red Book, Pages 352-353.

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