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Carl Jung: Death of his Mother and Bollingen Tower

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After my wife’s death In 1955, I felt an inner obligation to become what I myself am.

low, so hidden, was myself!

I could no longer hide myself behind the ”maternal” and the ”spiritual” towers. So, In that same year, I added an upper story to this section, which represents myself, or my ego-personality.

I had started the first tower in 1923, two months after the death of my mother. These two dates are meaningful because the tower, as we shall see, Is connected with the dead.

At Bollingen I am in the midst of my true life, I am most deeply myself. Here lam, as it were, the ”age-old son of the mother.”

To put it in the language of the Bollingen house, I suddenly realized that the small central section which crouched so.

That is how alchemy puts it, very wisely, for the ”old man,” the ”ancient,” whom I had already experienced as a child, Is personality No. 2, who has always been and always will be. He exists outside time and is the son of the maternal unconscious.

In my fantasies he took the form of Philemon, and he comes to life again at Bollingen. C.G. Jung, 1961 M.D.R.