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Letters Volume II

To Mrs. C.

Dear Mrs. C.,                                                                24 September 1959

The dream of X. means chiefly that it would be advisable to you to give yourself that kind of loving attention

as well as whatever X. means for you in yourself.

In other words: worry about yourself more than about others; see and understand what you do more than

what you assume other people do.

Otherwise you will be accused of a meddling power drive.

The latter would be a compensation for a troublesome feeling of inferiority.

Therefore be kind, patient, and understanding with yourself.

If you don’t feel self-sufficient, give yourself the chance to take yourself as self-sufficient even if you don’t believe

it, but make an effort to allow such kindness to yourself.

You cannot apply kindness and understanding to others if you have not applied it to yourself.

This is quite serious.

We are never sufficient to ourselves.

This is the burden everybody has to carry: to live the life we have got to live.

So be kind to the least of your sisters who is yourself.

Sincerely yours,

C.G. Jung Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 515-516