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Letters Volume II

To the Mother Prioress of a Contemplative Order

Rev. Mother Prioress, September 1959

I hope you will forgive the long delay of my answer to your kind letter of July 24.

It came at a time when I was very tired and ever since I was waiting for a propitious moment.

I am very old and there are too many people who want to see me.

I am very grateful for the spiritual help you extend to me.

I am in need of it with this gigantic misunderstanding which surrounds me.

All the riches I seem to possess are also my poverty, my Lonesomeness in the world. The more I seem to possess, the more I stand to lose, when I get ready to approach the dark gate.

I did not seek my life with its failures and accomplishments.

It came on me with a power not my own.

Whatever I have acquired serves a purpose I have not foreseen.

Everything has to be shed and nothing remains my own.

I quite agree with you: it is not easy to reach utmost poverty and simplicity.

But it meets you, unbidden, on the way to the end of this existence.

I am glad that you gave me some news about Father White’s activity.

Thus I know that he does not fully disapprove of my work.

I have heard of his terrible accident.

But I have no news since and I would be very grateful if I had some further information of his state of health.

I thank you for the unasked-for kindness of your letter.

There is so much evil and bitterness in this world that one cannot be too grateful for the one good thing which happens from time to time.

Yours devotedly,

C.G. Jung Carl Jung, Le􀂂ers Vol. II, Page 516