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Carl Jung: My Tower Grew
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The Red Book

I set foot on new land. Nothing brought up should flow back.

No one shall tear down what I have built. My tower is of iron and has no seams.

The devil is forged into the foundations.

The Cabiri built it and the master builders were sacrificed with the sword on the battlements of the tower.

Just as a tower surmounts the summit of a mountain on which it stands, so I stand above my brain, from which I grew.

I have become hard and cannot be undone again.

No more do I flow back. I am the master of my own self I admire my mastery.

I am strong and beautiful and rich.

The vast lands and the blue sky have laid themselves before me and bowed to my mastery.

I wait upon no one and no one waits upon me.

I serve myself and I myself serve. Therefore I have what I need.

My tower grew for several thousand years, imperishable. It does not sink back.

But it can be built over and will be built over. Few grasp my tower, since it stands on a high mountain.

But many will see it and not grasp it.

Therefore my tower will remain unused. No one scales its smooth walls.

No one lands on its pointed roof Only he who finds the entrance hidden in the mountain and rises up through the labyrinths of the innards can reach the tower, and  the happiness of he who surveys things from there and he who lives from himself

This has been attained and created.

It has not arisen from a patchwork of human thoughts, but has been forged from the glowing heat of the innards; the Cabiri themselves carried the matter to the mountain and consecrated the building with their own blood as the sole keepers of the mystery of its genesis.

I built it out of the lower and upper beyond and not from the surface of the world.

Therefore it is new and strange and towers over the plains inhabited by humans.

This is the solid and the beginning. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Pages 321-322.