Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology

Not the opinion of any individual contemporary will decide the truth and error of what has been discovered, but rather
future generations and destiny.

There are things that are not yet true to-day, perhaps we are not yet permitted to recognize them as true, although they may be true tomorrow.
Therefore every pioneer must take his own path, alone but hopeful, with the open eyes of one who is conscious of its solitude and of the perils of its dim precipices.

Our age is seeking a new spring of life.

I found one and drank of it and the water tasted good. That is all that I can or want to say.

My intention and my duty to society is fulfilled when I have described, as well as I can, the way that led me to the spring; the reproaches of those who do not follow this way have never troubled me, nor ever will. ~Carl Jung, C. G. Jung, Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology, Page 443-444.