Letters Volume II

To K. R. Eissler

Dear Dr. Eissler, 20 July 1958

As you know I have stipulated that my correspondence with Freud ought not to be published before 30 years have elapsed after my death, but lately I have been asked from different sides to permit inasmuch as I am competent-an earlier publication of the whole correspondence.

Such a change of my will is not a simple matter.

First of all I don’t know how you feel about such a proposition and secondly I couldn’t permit an earlier publication without a necessary revision of my letters.

My letters were never written with any thought that they might become broadcast.

As a matter of fact many of them contain unchecked and highly objectionable materials as they are produced in the course of an analysis and shed a most one-sided and dubious light on a number of persons whom I don’t want to offend in any manner whatever.

Such material enjoys the protection of the secretum medici.

These people or their descendants are still alive.

I should be deeply obliged to you if you would kindly inform me of your feelings in this matter, especially if you would agree with an earlier publication under strict observation of the rule of discretion and the risk of libel.

Faithfully yours,

C.G. Jung

~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 458-459