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Carl Jung on “this unscrupulous chatterer.”


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Letters Volume II

To Gerhard Adler

Dear Dr. Adler, 3 June 1958

It was very kind and equally responsible of you to have reached for your pen and given the proper answer to this unscrupulous chatterer.

I appreciate it all the more that for once one of my pupils has broken a lance for me, and moreover in such a venomous affair.

My task of having to say unpopular things is difficult enough as it is, so that it is truly not necessary to add to the pile of prejudices.

The weariness that comes with old age and my forgetfulness are Increasing slowly but surely and I feel procul negotiis for this and other reasons, while the world does everything it can to begrudge me otium cum or sine dignitate.

Fortunately since my “Modern Myth” I have not been plagued by any more new ideas.

Incidentally, John Wyndham’s The Midwich Cuckoos (1957) is a good saucer story and introduces a new version of the Holy Ghost.

With many thanks and cordial greetings,

Yours ever,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 443-444

Note: The London New Statesman of 1 7 May 5 8 had published a long letter by an American, A. D . Parelhoff, in which he spoke of “the long-known aberrations of Jung” and attacked him for his “anti-semitic theories,” using misquotations and distortions of meaning.

A. wrote a detailed reply, published in the same journal on 24 May, pointing out Parelhoff’s falsifications and mistranslations, and giving at the same time a true picture of Jung’s highly critical attitude to Nazi Germany.