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CW 18; The Symbolic Life

This book is a systematic account of the three different approaches now current in psychotherapy: Freud’s, Alfred Adler’s, and my own.


Drawing on his wide professional knowledge, the author has carefully elaborated the principal viewpoints underlying each approach, and thus gives the reader, who may have neither the time nor the opportunity to study the originals, a complete and rigorously objective survey of this controversial field.


The exposition and manner of expression are such that the educated layman can follow the argument without difficulty.


Psychological theories, which at the outset seemed destined for use only in the strictly delimited domain of medical psychotherapy, have long since burst the bounds of a specialized science, and have not only penetrated into the provinces of its sister sciences but become—even if fragmentarily—the common property of all educated persons.


This means, however, that informed public opinion has been infected with the same confusion which still prevails today in medical psychology.


What distinguishes Dr. Adler’s work in particular is his thoroughly reliable and comprehensive account of my own views, which differ in so radical and characteristic a way from those of the other two investigators.


His book, sober, lucid, and systematic, is a worthy companion to the earlier works by Kranefeldt  and Heyer.


It is a milestone in the slow but sure conquest of the crises and confusions that hang over the psychological views of our day.  ~Carl Jung, CW 18, Page 517