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Carl Jung: Foreword to the Hebrew Edition of Jung: “Psychology and Education”


I have before me the Hebrew edition of my essays on psychology and education.


Not knowing this language, I am unable to appreciate the merits of the translation, so I can only bid it welcome as a “firstling” that is unique in my experience.


As the study of the child psyche and the question of education may fairly be said to occupy a privileged position today, it does not seem inappropriate that the contributions of analytical psychology should receive some attention.


I have never made the child psyche an object of special research, but have merely collected experiences from my psychotherapeutic practice.


These do however give rise to a number of interesting observations, firstly in regard to adults who have not yet rid themselves of their disturbing infantilism, secondly in regard to the complex relations between parents and children, and thirdly in regard to the children themselves.


The complex psychology of the child and in particular the psychic disorders of children are more often than not causally connected with the psychology of the parents, and in most cases one would do well to pay more attention to the faulty attitude of parents and educators than to the child’s psyche, which in itself would function correctly if it were not disturbed by the harmful influence of the parents.


The most important question next to the education of the child is the education of the educator.


I hope these essays will prove stimulating in this respect, which is the one I would recommend to the especial consideration of the reader. ~Carl Jung, CW 18, Page 822