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Carl Jung: Psychological types are not static.

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[Psychological types are not static. Dr. Jung advocated the transformation and “becoming” of one’s personality and not the wearing of a 4-letter “type” as a lifelong badge of honor wherein a person simply slowly petrifies in to the fossilization of their personality. Notice the transformation in process below.]

Question: Have you concluded what psychological type you are yourself?

Dr. Jung: Naturally I have devoted a great deal of attention to that painful question, you know!

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Question: And reached a conclusion?

Dr. Jung: Well, you see, the type is nothing static. It changes in the course of life, but I most certainly was characterized by thinking. I always thought, from early childhood on, and I had a great deal of intuition too. And I had a definite difficulty with feeling, and my relation to reality was not particularly brilliant. I was often at variance with the reality of things. Now that gives you all the necessary data for a diagnosis! ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung, Speaking, Pages 435-6.

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Later in life Dr. Jung said:

As a natural scientist, thinking and sensation were uppermost in me and intuition and feeling were in the unconscious and contaminated by the collective unconscious. ~Carl Jung, Analytical Psychology: Notes of the Seminar Given in 1925, Page 69.