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Carl Jung: Memories and his own subjectivity
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Letters Volume II

To Cary F. Baynes

Dear Cary, 24 January 1958

Thank you very much for your kind and beautiful letter.

As I am continuously in doubt about my subjective material it has given me a bit more confidence in my actual work: it consists in the most peculiar and to me unexpected fact that I try to work out the history of my early days, seen as I have seen it in my youth without knowing what it meant and unable then to express it in words.

Now I have the memories and the words but I am continuously disturbed by my own subjectivity.

It is curious how one has an absolutely certain feeling of value on the one side and on the other an equally certain doubt about its value.

Hoping you all right,

I remain,

Yours very cordially,

C.G. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 410-411