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The Red Book

I awaken, the day reddens the East.

A night, a wonderful night in the distant depths of time lies behind me.

In what far-away space was I? What did I dream? Of a white horse?

It seems to me as if I had seen this white horse on the Eastern sky over the rising sun.

The horse spoke to me: What did it say?

It said: “Hail him who is in darkness since the day is over him.”

There were four white horses, each with golden wings.

They led the carriage of the sun, on which Helios stood with flaring mane.

I stood down in the gorge, astonished and frightened.

A thousand black serpents crawled swiftly into their holes.

Helios ascended, rolling upward toward the wide paths of the sky: I knelt down, raised my hands suppliantly,

and called: “Give us your light, you are flame-curled, entwined, crucified and revived; give us your light, your light!”

This cry woke me. Didn’t Ammonius say yesterday evening: “Do not forget to say your morning prayer when

the sun rises.”

I thought that perhaps he secretly worships the sun. Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 270.

Dear beetle, where have you gone? I can no longer see you-Oh, you’re already over there with your mythical


These little animals stick to things, quite unlike us-no doubt, no change of mind, no hesitation. Is this so because

they live their myth?

Dear scarab, my father, I honor you, blessed be your work-in eternity-Amen. Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 271.


How beautiful it is here! The reddish color of the stones is wonderful; they reflect the glow of a hundred thousand

past suns these small grains of sand have rolled in fabulous primordial oceans, over them swam primordial monsters

with forms never beheld before.

Where were you, man, in those days? On this warm sand lay your childish primordial animal ancestors, like

children snuggling up to their mother.

O mother stone, I love you, I lie snuggled up against your warm body, your late child.

Blessed be you, ancient mother.

Yours is my heart and all glory and power-Amen. Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 271.