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Carl Jung: Something of the human soul remains after death


000 death

Letters Volume II

My dear Dr. Harding,

5 December 1951

I a m most awfully sorry to be so late with my answer to your letter of September 6th.

The reason is that I just cannot keep up with my correspondence.

There is simply too much of it.

Moreover I need my time for my own work with the last chapter of the big book on the Mysterium Coniunctionis.

It keeps me so busy that I have to disregard the world as much as I can.

You ask me in your letter about the spook phenomena.

Well, this is a point where I have to give up.

I cannot explain the locally bound spook phenomena.

There is a factor in it that is just not psychological.

We have to look elsewhere for a proper explanation.

I’m inclined to believe that something of the human soul remains after death, since already in this conscious life we have evidence that the psyche exists in a relative space and in a relative time, that is in a relatively nonextended and eternal state.

Possibly the spook phenomena are indications of such existences.

Concerning synchronicity I can tell you that my paper about it will be printed in the course of this winter and is going to appear together with a paper by Professor W. Pauli about the archetypal foundations of Kepler’s astronomy.

The title of the book will be Naturanschauung und Psyche.

We hope that it will also appear in an English translation soon.

With kind regards and best wishes also to Dr. Bertine,

Yours cordially,

C.G. Jung Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 29-30.