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Carl Jung: Writing is a difficult question

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letters Vol. II

To Edward Thornton

Dear Mr. Thornton,                                  1 December 1960

Thank you for your interesting letter.

Things seem to come your way.

Writing is a difficult question, since it is not only a blessing but also a bad temptation because it tickles the devil of self-importance.

If you want to write something, you have to be quite sure that the whole of your being wants this kind of expression.

If it is really the whole, then it is the thing itself, namely the theme and the object of your effort, and it will become obvious that you mean your object and not your own ambition.

This needs some self-examination and careful consideration of your dreams.

Therefore don’t hurry and better wait until the thing begins to grow out of itself. Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 612-613