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Cornwall Seminar

We can never enter the collective unconscious but we can send the anima or animus to bring us information.

By making things with your hands without conscious intent you find a vision of the things of the unconscious.

The inspiration working through your hands is animus or anima.

This function is personified, and we consider it as intelligent.

So we should talk to our animus or anima.

To do this requires a certain dissociation, allowing the side associations to come up, and from these you can conclude the character of the ruler of these side associations.

In difficult situations you talk to yourself, intuitively knowing that you are yourself and also that other.

So you listen to the inner mentor, you develop the inner ear; or you write automatically, and a word is formed by your hand, or your mouth speaks that which you have not thought. Carl Jung, The Cornwall Seminar, Page 26.